Actinic Keratosis: What You Have To Know

Actinic keratosis is a kind of premalignant condition that is identified by patches or bumps that are usually flat and raised, scaly, thick, or crusty. It can also be called solar keratosis and senile keratosis. In common term, it can be called sun spot or precancerous spot. Skin experts shorten this condition as “AK”. From the size of a pinhead up to more than once inch across, its sizes can vary. Its color may be light or dark, pink, red, tan, or a combination of these colors.

Touching the actinic keratosis can confirm its development rather than merely seeing it. The crust or the scale that is formed by this condition is like a horn, rough, and dry. A sharply painful sensation can be felt when one has this. An individual can experience itchiness most especially after being exposed in the sun. Many actinic keratoses are more likely to appear in cluster in areas that are most likely to be exposed in the sun. These common areas are face, bald scalp, ears, backs of hands, neck, lips, and forearms.

Since having this condition may be a manifestation of development of cancer, it is considered as a dangerous skin condition. Provided that the spots are detected immediately and undergo proper treatment, skin cancer is not life-threatening. The infection may be worsened as the surrounding tissues are invaded if there will be no medical attention given.

Damage coming from the sun to the skin can be accumulated over time. Ultraviolet rays can be acquired as they bounce off reflective surfaces. Those who have fair skins are most likely to have this kind of skin condition. Susceptible also are those who have blonde or red hair, and gray, blue, or green eyes. This is so due to the lack of pigments that protects their skin from sunburns. However, the development of actinic keratosis can also occur to dark-skinned people who have utmost exposure to the sun without proper protection.

Actinic keratosis can be treated by means of several kinds of treatment. There is not always a need to remove all of the actinic keratoses. One of the most typical treatment is called cryosurgery. By means of liquid nitrogen application, lesions are frozen off. A special spray device of a cotton-tipped applicator is utilized here.

If there are many lesions, an effective treatment is through applying topical cream. Another technique is through chemical peels or curettage where scraping of lesion is done.

By and large, it is highly advised by many skin doctors to seek them first if you want to learn more regarding a keratosis condition.

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