Actinic Keratosis – Where can I find out what it is?

Actinic keratosis is a term used in defining some skin disorders that are characterized by rough and scaly patches which appear prominently on the skin surface. They often appear on the face and on other parts of the body including the back of the hand, lips, ears, scalp and neck.  Many actinic keratosis infections are considered to be at their pre-cancerous stage which means they can develop into skin cancer at a latter stage of life.

You can find out if you have actinic keratosis especially by examining the small rough and scaly spots which have formed a  result of the excessive exposure of your skin to the damaging effect of the sun. Actinic keratosis are also easily recognizeable by measuring their size { this is often within the range of 2mm-6mm} , the lesions may take several years to appear and that is why the infection is common in older adults. When left untreated Actinic Keratosis can result in a more complex and cancerous infection.

One of the ways you can detect that you are suffering from Actinic keratosis is when you suspect that the small patches are growing gradually and if the patches are reddish in colour with some white scales appearing at the top of such patches. If you are light skin and like to spend lots of time for outdoor activities, you should examine yourself for the development of Actinic Keratosis once you have noticed any of the associated symptoms. When you skin becomes creased and mottled , you should suspect that actinic keratosis is about setting in.

You can also find out that you are suffering from Actinic Keratosis by examining your face, back of hand , scalp and the upper portion of the torso which are the areas where actinic keratosis are more common.  Men are likely to develop the infection at the tip of their ears since women’s hairstyle often provide some forms of protection from sun rays.

You can also find out if you have a great predisposition to developing actinic keratosis when your skin is pale, when you have a blonde or red coloured hair, especially when you also have a blue, green or hazel eyes  along with it.

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