Actinic Keratosis: Where Do I Find Out What It Is?

Actinic Keratosis lesions are usually not harmful, although they can, at times, become precancerous and have to be removed. So, where do you find the best information?

With the advent of the Internet the number of resources you have at hand to find out about the various types of Keratosis is almost mind-boggling because of the amount of information out there.

The best places to find the information, though, would be through a national medical society’s website and then doing a search for specific types of Keratosis, specifically actinic keratosis.

Google is a fount of information on the subject, depending on how you word your question. If you word your question to Google in too broad a sense you will find every reference to actinic Keratosis ever printed.

Instead, try to narrow down your target phrase to the words you want best.

AOL has another interesting search engine or you can use the Ask search engine to find out what it is. As has been explained, Keratosis is a type of lesion cause by overexposure to the direct effects of UVA and UVB sunlight for a number of years and they can result in growths and lesions that may have to be removed surgically. This information has been gleaned from AOL.

You can try open websites of various cancer societies to find out the information you are seeking because, as noted, the Internet has made things very easy for information to be gathered.

Sometimes, though, as noted, the information can become overwhelming and you cannot let that stop you in your search.

One of the best places to start is the Wikipedia and its extensive series of reference materials. Like the old encyclopedias of the print days, the Wikipedia provides you not only with the information you are seeking but also with the primary and secondary sources of any information you may be seeking.

Wherever you go, though, be careful of the many opinions that are expressed, as it is likely that some are just that, opinions. Unless you are in the libraries of a major dermatological practice or library, then the best bet is to take a lot of what you read with a grain of salt unless there is a specialist’s advice to back it up.

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