Advanced surgical treatment for actinic keratosis and what happens after treatment

The relevant ultraviolet radiation from the sun is most responsible for the development of actinic keratosis on the skin.  Just as radiation from UV rays of the sun causes actinic keratosis, likewise , radiation from laser can also be used in destroying such. Preventive measures remain the best possible way of staying away from actinic keratosis, advanced forms of treatment include Cryosurgery and some other forms of surgical removal. There are some other relatively less known forms of treatments and such include; 5-fluorouracil (5-FU), Photo-dynamic  therapy,  and Solaraze  cream treatment among several others.

Imiquimod therapy is one of the relatively new ways of dealing with actinic keratosis. It involves the stimulation of the immune system of the body , the effect is that the immune system reacts more positively to fighting the development of the infection and if the infection has started already , the stimulator increases the tendency of the growth to generate to skin cancer.

5-fluorouracil (5-FU} is a form of keratosis cream treatment and when it is applied, the keratosis structure becomes red and inflamed and then falls off after treatment. Though this treatment is highly effective but if produce an unsightly skin area for some weeks during treatment,  this makes it highly impractical for so many patients, but it is an highly effective method for those who have suffered extreme Actinic keratosis infection for a long time. Once the skin has been healed the skin looks smoother and even toned unlike before.

Photo-Dynamic therapy involves the application o a dye which increases the sensitivity of the skin to light , and  the dye is left on the skin or about 1 hour before the skin area is exposed to light which activates the dye . The light source could be laser or some other light sources. Patient treated with this therapy are often advised to stay away from sunlight for at least 2 days for the dye to heal the keratosis infections.

Solaraze cream is another advanced formulated cream for actinic keratosis. It is a form of treatment that is anti-inflammatory in nature. It is also non-steroidal in nature. Though it causes less inflammation when compared with some other forms of treatment but it would be applied for close to 2 months before a positive result is achieved.  People who have undergone the kind of treatments mentioned above should stay away from the sun especially after treatment.

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