Do Seborrheic Keratosis And Skin Cancer Have A Notable Correlation

Have you ever had skin lesions? Have you ever experienced fear upon trying to find out what type of skin lesion that is? Have you ever thought, “Wait. Is this a rash, an insect bite or is this already a symptom of a more serious disease?” All you have to do is stop worrying and start gathering information about what your skin problem might be. Since you already have the proof on your skin, you can now just flip the pages of some books or browse through thousands of sites in the internet However, if your skin lesion is pointing at a more serious type of disease, according to a certain book or internet source, it is already time for you to visit a doctor.

Now, we will talk about one type of skin lesion – seborrheic keratosis. The term keratosis originates from its base word keratin – an/a naturally-occuring protein in the skin – which has the tendency to overgrow. It usually ranges from yellow, to brown and to black, in color. Some are flat but most are slightly raised or elevated. And although usually small, it can measure up to one inch across. Usually, it is rounded or oblong-shaped. Due to its correspondence to a wart’s appearance, it is usually mistaken for it which should not be the case because the two are very distinctive from each other. Though some may be seen on the skin singled-out, they usually appear in collective groups or batches. It can actually appear on any part of the body but most of the time, they are seen at the chest or the back. But this type is most commonly known for its waxiness or greasiness. It is also important to be informed that this does not cause pain at all. But if you haphazardly do something to irritate this lesion, it can be inflamed causing redness, warmth, swelling, tenderness and even bleeding and change in the color of the lesion. Seborrhic keratosis is not a grave condition after all, or is it?

Maybe most of you have put into your minds that this type of keratosis can lead to cancer. Skin cancer is apparently the most common type of cancer. Just in the United States, one-eight of Americans acquires skin cancer. Since anyone can easily inspect the skin, any disease of the skin is readily detected. Therefore, it is also the type of cancer that is most successfully treated. The three types of skin cancer whose basis of naming is based on the cells involved will be discussed in the next sentences. Topping the list is basal cell carcinoma (BCC) known for its high incidence.

Even though malignant, basal cell carcinoma grows very slowly and does not always metastasize. A small, luminous nodule presents at first. It grows by forming an ulcer at the center of the lesion’s original site. Following basal cell carcinoma in occurrence is the squamous cell carcinoma. Compared to basal cell carcinoma, this grows quickly, is extremely invasive, is firmer and looks redder. The last type, malignant melanoma is most known for having the highest morbidity rate. You can use the mnemonic ABCDE to always be reminded of its characteristics. Assmetry, irregular borders, varied colors, a 6-millimeter or more diameter and elevation are its typical characteristics.

Now, we can answer the question whether it is precancerous or not. In contrast with actinic keratosis which eventually results to squamous cell carcinoma, seborrheic keratosis is not a/an antecedent of skin cancer. It is indeed a benign skin tumor. Now, all you have to think about is its unsightly appearance and the possibility of irritating it.
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