Flat Moles- The difference between Flat moles and Keratosis

Moles are referred to as common skin growths which can be flat or slightly raised on the surface of the skin. Moles are also referred to as a collection of pigment cells{ melanocytes} , they normally occur in small numbers on the skin and the main reason for its formation is the genetic predisposition of the skin to such. Aside the genetic causes of moles, a child who suffer from sun burn before the age of 12 is expected to suffer from moles , likewise, exposure of the skin to intense sun rays can also lead to such infection.

Despite the fact that both moles and freckles appear darker than the surrounding skin, there are still some several differences between them. While moles can be flat or slightly raised, freckles are totally flat, and  while freckles often develop on the skin in adulthood, it is very unlikely top develop moles after the age of 30. A mole that appears on the skin of an adult after the age of 30 should be closely examined and subjected to biopsy as it may be a sign of melanoma development. Skin Biopsy is the best way of detecting if it is actually a mole because some moles do grow adjacent to areas where freckles grow.

Moles can appear at birth or gradually show up during the early adulthood, some teenagers develop some forms of moles which grow into their adulthood. Such moles often grow in proportion to the size of the individual body, however these moles are different from congenital moles which are  hereditary in nature.

Unlike many skin infections moles appear to be uniform in formation, however the colour may vary from tan to reddish brown, black or may appear as an individual’s skin colour.  There are 3 basic types of moles and these are ; regular, irregular and cancerous moles. Irregular moles are made up of irregular or abnormal cells which may developed to cancerous moles over time. Cancerous moles are highly irregular in nature and such have become malignant in nature. Freckles on the other way round do not naturally turn into cancerous cells.

People who suffer from moles are more prone to freckles, however moles occur as a result of the presence of more melanocyte cells in the body while freckles is more associated with the pigment creating melanin in the skin.

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