How Costly Are Liver Spot Treatments?

Liver spots, occasionally called age spots, are lesions not raised from the skin and that are most of the time colored brown, gray or black. The areas of the body that receive sunlight for most of the time are the locations where these lesions are usually found. The face, hands and arms are the conventional problem areas. A liver spot’s shape is oblong and its size bracket is from very small to one centimeter in diameter. Then these spots are [accompanied] by wrinkles and dry skin – manifestations of considerable skin deterioration.

The liver plays no part in the formation of liver spots in spite of what the name implies. Why do liver spots occur then? But due to the constant exposure of the skin to the sun’s harmful rays, the increase in melanin production takes place. The aftermath: age spot manifestation. But this does not happen in the blink of an eye. Instead, it takes years of accumulated sun exposure. As a result, skin damage at present manifests only when you reach late adulthood. To our surprise, the sun is not the only causative factor. Even products that produce synthetic tans damage our skin. Then the last factor is age.

Though harmless, they could significantly affect your physical appearance and your self-esteem as well. That is why several treatment modalities are accessible for individual with liver spots to choose from. But these treatment options do not come for free.

One is the use of medicated creams or lotions that physicians order. Their components are hydroquinone, tretinoin, synthesis of hydroquinone and tretinoin or cortisone and these creams usually cost ninety to two hundred dollars. Another treatment option is the use of chemicals as a peeling agent for the skin. Depending on the type of peel – light, medium and deep – the price varies. For two hundred to three hundred dollars, you can avail of light chemical peels. For five hundred to thousand dollars, you can have medium chemical peels. And for deep peels, you have to come up wiuth three thousand to six thousand dollars. Laser therapy is also used to perform excess skin melanocytes eradication. This treatment usually costs a hundred dollars per session per small area. You can also opt to use light instead of laser – intense pulsed light therapy – which is equivalent to less than a hundred dollars per small area.

However, these price ranges are not definitive. This is because there are various factors that are brought into consideration before they arrive at the final cost and these are: affected area’s size, materials used, doctors’ fees and your residence’s cost of living. Why not ask your doctor?
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