How To Choose A Sunscreen For People With Age Spots And Dark Skin

Sunlights effects on the skin is one of the major factors of having age spots or hyperpigmentation. This is in a way that lingering exposure to the sun can aggravate the effects of age spots and pigmentation of the skin.   This happens when the skin absorbs too much ultraviolet rays. Vitamin D production is stimulated by ultraviolet rays. Too much ultraviolet rays causes skin cancer and aging.

Through the use of sunscreen, the damage that the sun can bring to the skin could be minimized. The function of sunscreen is either to obstruct or absorb the UV rays from the sun. The UVA and UVB are the two main kinds of ultraviolet rays that sunscreens deter. UVA is responsible for cell mutation, thus melanoma, while UVB damages the skin resulting to sunburn. The implication against sunscreens is its unbalanced protection, when UVA is disregarded and UVB is blocked, which can cause more skin damage. So, when it comes to applying sunscreens to avoid or lessen age spots and pigmentation, how are you going to choose the best type of sunscreen for you?

You have to recognize what type of skin you have first. There are 6 skin types according to Fitzpatrick (1975).

Type I         (1-5 von Luschan scale) very light (celtic/Nordic)

Type II    (6-10 von Luschan scale) light

Type III    (11-15 von Luschan scale) light intermediate, dark skinned European

Type IV    (16-21 von Luschan scale) dark intermediate, Mediterranean

Type V        (22-28 von Luschan scale) dark/ brown type

Type IV    (29-36 von Luschan scale) very dark/black

Then, take note of the activities you’ll be doing while wearing sunscreen, be it walking, jogging, swimming or sun bathing. After that, you can decide on what brand or type of sunscreen you will buy or use.   But you also have to look at its Sun Protection Factor. The Sun Protection Factor determines how much safety a sunscreen can provide the user.   SPF levels can go up to SPF 50. The effectiveness of sunscreens also depend on its components so look for avobenzone, ecamsule and zinc oxide on the ingredients list of your sunscreen.

Anyway, sunscreens can be in gel, lotion or cream form. Most whitening lotions have SPF, so they qualify in the sunscreen category. But it is best to use plain sunscreen for finest protection. It is up to you to find what would be the best sunscreen suited for you, your skin and your lifestyle.

Age spots and dark skin cannot be cured with sunscreens. They only provide protection from the harmful rays of the sun and prevent them from getting worse. It is advised to see a dermatologist when it comes to age spot removal.

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