How To Know What Actinic Keratosis Is

Actinic keratosis are spots characterized by rough colors that can be found on the body. These spots differ from pin-sized spots to coin-sized spots. Leaving this skin condition without any treatment may lead to having a cancer.

People who are 40 years old or above and have light skin colors are prone to having actinic keratoses. This skin condition can also affect teenagers and not only adults. It is very important to have actinic keratoses removed from the skin in order to prevent the development of cancer cells. If you are going to ignore this skin condition, it is very likely that your health is at stake. However, having it does not automatically mean that you will have cancer cells.

You might be wondering about how to know if you have this condition. There may be comparisons between how it appears on one person and how it does on another. It is common that this condition is not right away noticed because the spots may be of the same color as the skin of the affected individual. Since there are times when the spots are so small, noticing them can be difficult.

Discoloration can be observed on the skin as described by pink, gray, brown, or red spots. The affected part of the skin can also be rough. The scalp of bald people, nose, lips, ears, arms, and the back of the hand are the usual target of actinic keratosis since these are the body parts that are overly exposed to the sun. Apart from its slow growth, it can be noticed that its reappearance is a misnomer because it can appear on the very same area of the skin. Itching and bleeding are also entailed by this skin condition.

Being exposed to the sun for the past years may bring about the appearance of actinic keratosis. The skin’s outermost layer may be damaged due to overexposure to the sun as evident with its scaly appearance. Not only will the skin be rough, there will also be noticeable spots.

It has to be remembered that seeking the help of a doctor is very usefull. The individuals who are most likely to suffer from this skin condition are the individuals who easily get burnt under the sun and those who have fair-colored skins. If you are being annoyed by the spots on your skin, feel free to ask your doctor about what the problem is for you to have the proper solution to your problem.

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