How To Prevent Age Spots From Getting Worse

Age spot arises from exposure to the sun. Skin pigments get accumulated on the surface of the skin because of sun exposure. That’s what causes dark spots to occur. Since the performance of older people’s body deteriorates as they age, they are more susceptible from this. They commonly occur on areas that gets the most exposure to the sun.

Now, if you are one of those people who already have developed these age spots and you are at the age of 40 and above, following the tips mentioned below can help lessen the color and affected areas of your dark spots.

•    Get medical recommendation from a dermatologist.  The dermatologist will conclude if they are really age spots or melanoma.

•    Too much exposure to the sun must be avoided.  Ultraviolet rays from the sun are at its highest levels during 10 in the morning up to 4 in the afternoon. Use an umbrella, sunscreen or sunblock if possible.

•    Increase fluid intake. Put more fruits and vegetables in your diet, specially the juicy and succulent ones.

•    If you want to undergo laser procedures, this may eliminate all previous age spots. However, this kind of treatment requires high maintenance.

There are also many procedures available to get rid of age spots. These procedures can be effective means of preventing age spot from getting worse. Some of these procedures are:

•    Laser therapy. Laser therapy will not affect the skin surface not affected by age spots. It only destroys the age spot. Laser treatment is less hurtful than other treatments. But this treatment costs a lot of dollars.

•    Cryotherapy. This uses extreme temperatures, in this case, extreme coldness in eliminating age spot cells. The downside of this therapy is that it can also destroy nearby skin cells not affected by age spots.

•    Dermabrasion. There are two varieties of dermabrasion available, namely microdermabrasion or the classic dermabrasion. Dermabrasion uses sanding or peeling|stripping|shedding] off the outermost layer of the skin. This could be painful for some people and leave skin raw looking in case of traditional dermabrasion.

•    Chemical Peels. Acids are used to shed the skin. Once the skin is peeled off, new skin develops. The most popular acid used for this kind of treatment is glycolic acid.

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