Hyperkeratosis – Actinic keratosis

Actinic keratosis is also regarded as solar keratosis. It is a chronic infection that occur as a result of the extreme exposure of the skin to sunlight. The keratosis structure often measure beteen 2-7 mm in diameter, and they often come in reddish colour, with rough texture and whitish or yellow scales. This infection has been found to occur especially as a background infection for sun damages, it is often found as an underlaying infections of some other skin problems such as wrinkles, and sallowness.

Actinic keratosis often feel painful especially when the affected area of the skin is rubbed against a material or simply rubbing it against fingers. They are specialized keratosis infections which often reveal some horn-like growth, and scaling and roughness of the affected region is quite common with the region protuding out of the skin.

Light skin people are usually more susceptible to actinic keratosis more than dark skin people and the infection is also common among those who spend much time standing under extreme heat , those who also expose their skin to indoor tanning also risk being infected with the disease. The skin od the infecyed individual will become motled and the appearance of wrinkles will also accompany such infections.

Though, Keratosis actinic can occur at any part of the body, however the most affected areas are the face, and the bridge on the nose. It can also coccur at the back of the neck , the don region of the back , he upper part of the chests and the top of the arm. Those with weakened immune systems can also contact the infection easily.

It is important to note that actinic keratosis are pre-cancerous in nature, though the process of being cancerous can take some years ,  and just few of these infections can actually grow to become cancers. It is also believed that many patients treated for this infection do not get to know about it because keratosis actinic takes several years to develop. Keratosis actinic often gets deeper into the skin until the skin structure becomes so invasive.

Physical examination of the growing tissues is the first step towards diagnosing the infection. Actinic keratosis often appear as thick and large. A biopsy will be conducted to confirm if the infection is actinic keratosis Liquid Nitrogen can be used in dealing with actinic keratosis, other forms of surgical removal can also prove very effective as well.

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