Keratosis And Pigmentation In Children

Compared to adult skin, children’s skin is much sensitive to keratosis. Skin care for children should be gentle, because skin damage in childhood could carry on until he gets old. If your child stays long under the sun, he or she can grow freckles. These skin blemishes can increase and grow worse as they get older.

Having skin disorders are due to many sources, in this case, we’ll take a look at keratosis and pigmentation. Melanin and keratin are involved in such skin disorders. The excessive keratin causes keratosis, while excessive melanin causes hyperpigmentation. Too much keratin and melanin brings about keratosis and hyperpigmentation respectively. Actually, keratin and melanin play important roles in our body. Mainly, keratin is for protection because hair protects the head, while melanin prevents over penetration of ultraviolet rays in our skin. Basically, they do no harm, but overproduction of these can cause unsightly skin.


People with fair skin tone are more affected by sunlight than darker skinned people. Actinic keratosis causes crusty scaly patches to appear on skin, specially those areas that get more sun exposure.

Keratosis Pilaris – Keratosis pilaris appears like goosebumps.   It is a genetic follicular condition. The excess keratin is trapped on skin pores’ hair follicles.

Seborrheic Keratosis – could resemble actinic keratosis.

Your children can have them too, and how can you avoid it? Having these skin disorders is inevitable but you can try to put up some techniques to lower risks. Since keratoses are caused by many factors, not just the sunlight, but also by genetic factors, it is hard to prevent. If keratosis runs in the family, it is most likely to occur in your children. Some conditions are not completely revertable, but it is removable. Choices of treatment are either surgical or pharmaceutical.


Skin darkening is not really the problem, but it is the hyperpigmentation of skin. It could be bad if it could cause uneven skin tone. Extra ultraviolet rays that the skin absorbs are held back by melanin. The amount of melanin is directly proportional to skin tone. Overexposure to the sun’s harmful rays contributes greatly to hyperpigmentation. concealing yourself from too much sunlight with the use of umbrellas is a way to prevent too much sun exposure. Sunscreens/sunblock can also shield the skin. There are also many lotions available that promise to “even” uneven skin tone.

The strength of ultraviolet rays in sunlight during 10 AM up to 4 PM is at its highest so try to avoid staying under the sun at those times. bear in mind that children also need sunlight for vitamin D acquisition, but too much can be bad for them.

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