Keratosis And Pigmentation In Children

Children have more sensitive skin than adults. Marks on a child’s skin could remain until he turns into an adult. For example, if a child always stays under the heat of the sun, he or she could develop freckles. These skin blemishes can spread and grow worse as they get older.

Regarding keratosis and pigmentation, there are risks factors for having them. The two body components that concerns these skin disorders are keratin and melanin. The excessive keratin causes keratosis, while excessive melanin causes hyperpigmentation. Too much keratin and melanin causes keratosis and hyperpigmentation respectively. These two are important when it comes to certain bodily task. Mainly, keratin is for protection because hair protects the head, while melanin prevents over penetration of ultraviolet rays in our skin. Keratin and melanin are risk free, but too much of it is not good for the skin.

Keratosis varies by the factor that causes it or its main attributes. Actinic keratosis causes crusty scaly patches to appear on skin, specially those areas that get more sun exposure.

Keratosis Pilaris – this condition causes goosebump-like skin.   This situation is genetic and affects hair follicles. The excess keratin is trapped on skin pores’ hair follicles.

Seborrheic Keratosis – could resemble actinic keratosis.

Your children can have them too, and how can you prevent it? Having these skin disorders is inevitable but you can try some techniques to lower risks and the quantity or severity of these conditions on your childrens skin. Since keratoses are caused by many factors, not just the sunlight, but also by genetic factors, it is hard to prevent. If keratosis is inherent in your family, then likelihood of getting it are high. This kind of skin condition has no cure, but it can be treated or diminished. You can just choose from surgery or skin cream/lotion application.

Skin coloration is not really the problem, but it is the hyperpigmentation of skin. Uneven skin tone often caused by hyperpigmentation. Extra ultraviolet rays that the skin absorbs are restrained by melanin. The lighter the skin, the least melanin the skin contain. Overexposure to the sun’s harmful rays contributes greatly to hyperpigmentation. Concealing yourself from too much sunlight with the use of umbrellas is a way to prevent too much sun exposure. Applying sunscreen is another way. There are also many lotions available that promise to “even out” uneven skin tone.

The strength of ultraviolet rays in sunlight during 10 AM up to 4 PM is at its highest so try to avoid staying under the sun at those times. Sunlight is not all harmful, your children also need it to develop vitamin D for strong bones and prevention of rickets.

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