Keratosis: How Can I Stop It From Getting Worse?

Keratosis is the general name for several types of skin disorders that include actinic keratosis, seborrheic keratosis and hyperkeratosis and there are many ways to keep it from becoming worse.

For example, if you are suffering from actinic keratosis, where you have brown or brown and black lesions or blotches forming on your back, chest or face, you must first see a specialist to make sure that none of the lesions are cancerous (by and large they are benign) and if everything is in good shape. You can then use a treatment of an ointment containing aloe vera and hydroquinone to help lighten any blotches that may appear on your face, especially. Also, you must stay out of the sun because keratosis is caused by sun-damaged skin and re-exposure to the sun will have the reverse effect you are seeking. Instead of keeping the problem from getting worse, it may, in fact, get worse.

If you have to go out in sunny weather make sure you wear a broad-brimmed hat that, in warm weather, also has sufficient cooling to keep from sweating excessively so that you will wash any of the SPF 35, 3 star sun block that you have applied to keep your skin in good shape from running off. Be sure to bring a tube with you in your travels as there are brands that are advertised as “waterproof” and “all day” that are really little more than just overadvertised brands making some claims that are just this side of legitimate. Remember to regularly renew your application of sun block to make sure you have maximum protection.

Indeed, though you may not want to do this, perhaps the best way to keep keratosis from becoming worse is to refrain from going into the sun unless you are not only wearing the hat already mentioned but also a long-sleeved garment that is loose-fitting so that you will remain comfortable on a warm day.

Most importantly, though, in any of this, you must see a specialist in dermatology to not  only prescribe the right course of treatment but also to give you the best advice. Yes, it is true there is a fount of information on the Internet regarding keratosis, but you will find that you, as a lay person, should not try to interpret the information presented. Instead, use it as a guide, like a roadmap, to help you and your specialist chart the proper course of action.

In the case of many forms of hyperkeratosis, the best cure is no cure at all. In other words, if you refrain from what you are doing, then you will find that many of the problems that you have experienced will go away on their own after a period of several months.

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