Keratosis pilaris

Keratosis pilaris is  a very common type of  keratosis .It is a genetic state that passes down from parents to children .It is caused by the excess growth of keratin. Keratin forms the outer layer of our skin and  if it grows unevenly or in form of clusters, it blocks  the pores thus forming  red bumps on the surface which is commonly known as  keratosis pilaris. Although  it is  not harmful  but it can be irritating and affects  a person’s personality thus affecting his self-confidence. As these bumps  look like acne,  it is most significant not to puzzle them with acne as  there is a  difference between  their  treatments and  a minor mistake in dealing with these bumps can result in a more serious skin problems.  It is also commonly known as chicken skin as it makes skin rough

Keratosis is classified in various different types but keratosis pilaris is most familiar  one. Keratosis pilaris  , also recognized as follicular keratosis , usually occurs on arms ,thighs and cheeks. Anyone can be affected by this diseases but it is most  common in children and adolescents. It isn’t a transmittable disease but it is  difficult to treat this lesion .As  it is a genetic  skin problem therefore many teenagers are affected .It should be kept in mind ,to handle them with care  especially in case of  children,   in order to avoid a lifelong  skin problem. Keratosis pilaris increases with the lack of moisture therefore during winter  it can be   very irritating .


It can be prevented in a number of ways

  • By keeping the skin clean
  • By adopting  healthy lifestyle
  • By having   nutritious food
  • By exercising regularly
  • By  being active
  • By keeping skin moisturized

Thus  all these things should be made a habit and a part of routine of children  who have  chances  of  keratosis pilaris.  These minor habits can not only prevent this problem but  also help  in reducing it , if you already have this problem.


Closely observing  your skin every day and consulting  a dermatologist , if you notice any alteration in your skin is very vital for having a healthy skin. Keratosis can be controlled if treated in the start therefore treatment should be started as soon as you notice  following symptoms

  • Redness of skin  on any part of body.
  • Appearance of  irritating rash.
  • Formation of red bumps on skin.
  • Increment in roughness of skin.

Usually people confuse keratosis pilaris with  acne and start using medication for acne without consulting a doctor , it can  result in serious  skin conditions therefore  right   diagnosis is very essential .


Although it is difficult to treat keratosis pilaris but  it can be reduced by

  • Opting for photodynamics
  • Using laser therapy
  • Using retinoid  after dermatologists opinion.
  • Avoiding  products having harsh chemicals
  • Avoiding over exfoliation
  • Keeping the skin moisturized

Using prescribed antibiotics

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