Removing Age Spots

Age spots, also going by the names sun spots or solar lentigines can affect almost everybody. It is hard to avoid because we can’t hide from the sun. But there is no need to worry since medications for age spots are available. You can do something to lessen them and you can also seek professional help. But before we go on, let’s review the origin of age spots.

A person’s skin color is determined by the amount of melanin he or she produces. Melanin is the skin’s shield against too much ultraviolet rays. Ultraviolet rays destroy skin cells and DNA and this can also be cancerous.   When these melanin are already used, they settle under the skin and they darken, thus age spots.

Consulting a dermatologist is a must to be sure that what you have is age spots, not pre cancerous spots. After the dermatologist or any skin care professional confirms it is age spots indeed, you can try the following treatments:


•    Make an apple cider and onion juice mixture. Apply to affected areas with cotton and leave for about half an hour.

•    Aloe vera can also be applied in liberal amounts on skin. Apply them twice a day and remain it on skin to dry for almost an hour.

•    Lemon juice has characteristics that can help in lightening age spots. Just apply newly squeezed lemon juice in the morning and in the evening, leaving it to dry for about thirty minutes. Just remember that if you have something to do outside, don’t apply lemon juice on your skin for it will easily burn.

•    You can also use castor grease. [Rub it on affected area with cotton two times a day.

Home made treatments however take time to be effective and they may not be effective for you at all. So, you may try more efficient alternatives.


•    Microdermabrasion/dermabrasion – as its name suggest, this involves abrading the skin or peeling it off for new skin cells to emerge.     It takes long for the skin to recover after this procedure.

•    Another means to remove age spots quickly is by chemical peels. Chemical peels use chemicals to remove old skin cells allowing the regeneration of new skin cells.

•    Laser treatments are probably the most effective and of course, expensive way to get rid of age spots. The good thing about laser treatment is that it does not damage neighboring cells. And it is almost painless.

If you already have gone through such procedures and eventually got rid of dark spots, its time to give your skin more concern. As always, prevent too much sun exposure. The use of any sun protection be it umbrella or sunscreens is recommended. This will help you to stop age spots from coming back.

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