Surgical Removal Of Keratosis

When keratin develops on skin, keratosis might be the disease. Human fingernails, toenails and hair are mostly constituted of keratin. But if it grows on skin, it could cause thickness, lumping and wart like growths. There are several types of keratoses, actinic keratosis, pilaric keratosis, hydrocarbon keratosis and seborrheic keratosis. Actinic keratosis is the most inherent form of keratosis and we’ll discuss about its surgical treatment. Actinic keratosis is also called solar keratosis. Since the face, the arms and neck are the parts of the skin which is gets prolonged sun exposure, keratosis commonly affects these areas. People who have less melanin are at high chance of getting actinic keratosis. Since it could lead to cancer, it must be treated at once.

Actinic keratosis employs extended exposure to the sun as its main factors.  It’s size spans from 2 millimeters-6 millimeters, almost the size of a mole. But moles don’t just grow bigger and thicker like keratosis does. The main difference is its thickening and growth. If having keratosis is confirmed, many treatments are available. Depending on how mild or acute is the case, the options are many. Creams and gels are available for those with mild case. This would soften the keratosis and eventually it would fall off. Cryosurgery is a type of surgical treatment for keratosis.

Cryosurgery is the use of extreme temperatures-specifically coolness to destroy abnormal growths of cells or tissues. The surgeon would put on liquid nitrogen or carbon dioxide foam to the area to be treated.   It hardens the affected area more to make it easier to eliminate. Cryosurgery is less expensive, less painful and scars minimally. However there are also risks such as damage to nerve tissues and damage to nearby areas of the treated parts.

Another type of surgery is laser surgery. Scalpel is not used in this type of surgery. Laser surgery burns out bad tissues, and it could be costly. The good thing about laser surgery is that it heals quickly and the pain is less.

In case of tight budget, traditional surgery could also be chosen. Keratosis is not found deep within the skin and can be remedied by some applied gel and traditional surgery. This could be painful but removing a health hazard is worth it.

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