Surgical Removal Of Keratosis

When keratin develops on skin, keratosis might be the disease. Human fingernails, toenails and hair are mostly constituted of keratin. But if it grows on skin, it could cause thickness, lumping and wart like growths. There are several types of keratoses, actinic keratosis, pilaric keratosis, hydrocarbon keratosis and seborrheic keratosis. Actinic keratosis is the most inherent form of keratosis and we’ll discuss about its surgical treatment. Actinic keratosis is also called solar keratosis. Since the face, the arms and neck are the parts of the skin which is gets prolonged sun exposure, keratosis commonly affects these areas. People who have less melanin are at high chance of getting actinic keratosis. Since it could lead to cancer, it must be treated at once. read more »

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Seborrheic Keratosis And What You Can Do About Them

Called by others as basal cell papilloma, brown warts, senile warts, barnacles, seborrheic verruca, seborrheic warts, or senile keratosis, seborrheic keratosis is an irregular skin condition. Seborrheic keratoses often happen in aging persons but they are also usually benign. read more »

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Chemical Skin Peel to Treat Actinic Keratosis

For patients with many facial actinic keratoses, a recommended treatment is a Chemical Peel using trichloroacetic acid which treats pre-cancerous actinic keratosis and reduces the amount of subsequent lesions.

A gel-like structure is formed by the mixture of chemicals utilized on the technique called chemical peel. This kind of medical technique is for diminishing dead skin cells from the surface of the skin so that there will no longer be fine lines and blemishes, lightening of the dark spots of the skin, removal of circles around the eyes, diminishing of puffiness, as well as skin tightening and skin smoothening. read more »

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