The Natural Ways of Removing Keratosis

The natural ways of removing keratosis include natural serums which are derived from snails and other natural sources. Keratosis is a skin condition that has several different names in the same keratosis family; there is solar keratosis, keratosis pilaris and actinic keratosis.

Keratosis is most commonly caused by excess sun exposure and can often be avoided by eliminating excess exposure to sun. Other skin conditions that generally accompany keratosis are wrinkles and sunspots. Keratosis can be as simple as bumps that appear as goosebumps on the arms, buttocks and thighs. Keratosis is also seen as a pencil point size or larger rash like substance that appears reddish in color and is covered with a white and yellow crust. Additional growths can occur such as the cutaneous horns, which protrudes from the skin in a hornlike appearance.

Keratosis should be treated as early as possible in order to achieve the desired results through natural ways of removing keratosis. Keratosis is considered to be a precancerous condition and should be overseen by a physician. Surgical removal is commonly required in order to stop the progression and to remove the keratosis completely. Untreated keratosis has a 5% to 10% risk of developing into cancer such as melanoma skin cancer.

Natural ways of removing keratosis include treatments with apple cider vinegar and creams which include the active ingredient Solasodine Glycosides. This active ingredient is derived from eggplant, aubergine and the plant extract, Devil’s Apple. Additional natural creams may also contain at active ingredient derived from snails.  These natural treatments have been found to be somewhat effective in treating keratosis. However, they are not considered to be 100% effective and a surgical procedure may be required to effectively remove the precancerous spots.

The complete removal of keratosis is essential in order to stop the risk of cancer developing from the keratosis spots. Keratosis spots may often be effectively reduced through natural ways of removing keratosis, however they are often not completely removed through natural means. The earlier the spots are treated the more effective the natural treatment will be in addressing the painful and sore spots.

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