Treatments For Keratosis

Excessive keratin on skin can cause keratosis. Keratin is the main component of human hair and nails. This is a factor to keratosis’ coarseness and bumpiness. Keratosis can be improved, if not completely removed, in a wide array of treatments available. But first you have to consult a dermatologist and get analyzed.

Treatments for Actinic

Since actinic keratosis appear like warts, they can be removed by surgery or just drugs to make them fall off.

•    Cryosurgery involves the exposure of affected area to temperature extremes, specifically cold, commonly with liquid nitrogen. It would be simpler to remove through freezing.

•    Electrocautery, as the name suggests, uses voltage.

•    Among all treatments, laser is proven to be the most effective.

•    Aldara is a treatment also used for genital warts, but can also be used for actinic keratosis. It is classified as an immune response modifier drug.

•    Although 5 Flouracil is a chemotherapy means, it can be also used for AK. It is a cream or gel applied on the affected area, then the actinic keratosis reddens and swells and eventually falls off.

Treatments for Pilaris

Commonly, KP is depicted as chicken skin. They are sometimes incorrectly identified as acne. Although there is no established cure for KP yet, it can be improved through the following procedures.

•    The acid form of vitamin A can aid in KP’s improvement. Tretinoin is usually used for acne. Tretinoin makes skin regenerate in a rapid way, thus, extra keratin won’t be excreted on the skin.  There will be lesser probabilities of hair follicles getting clogged which results to KP.

•    Keratinization can be decelerated by a retinoid called Adapelene. It also has exfoliating properties.

Treatments for Seborrheic

Seborrheic keratosis and actinic keratosis are almost the same, but in this case seborrheic keratosis is oily. Seborrheic keratosis is somewhat linked to the sebaceous glands, thus has greasy properties. It may seem harmless, but its effects on one’s confidence are bad. So the treatments for this include:

•    Cryotherapy could also be applied to SK, but it is most effective in minor cases.

•    Curettage is a method that uses a medical tool called the curette. Sometimes curettage is combined with cryosurgery for efficiency.

•    Laser treatments are effective in removing SKs.

•    Electrocautery is usually combined with curettage.

Go and feel free to ask your doctor what kind of treatment is most appropriate what type of treatment is suited for you.

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