Treatments For Keratosis

Too much keratin on skin can cause keratosis. Keratin is the main component of human hair and nails. This contributes to keratosis’ coarseness and bumpiness. Keratosis can be improved, if not completely removed, in a wide array of treatments available. But first you have to consult a dermatologist and get identified.

Treatments for Actinic Keratosis (AK)

Since AK appear like warts, they can be removed by surgery or just drugs to make them fall off.

•    Cryosurgery employs extremely low temperature to freeze the AK. Once the AK is frozen, it would be easier to take it off.

•    Electrocautery is just like cryosurgery, in this case, electricity is used to burn off AK.

•    Laser surgeries for AK is very effective.

•    Although Aldara is proposed for genital warts, it could work for AK as well. It is a kind of drug which modifies the immune response.

•    5 Fluoracil is a chemotherapy agent. It is a cream or gel applied on the affected area, then the AK reddens and swells and eventually falls off.

Treatments for Keratosis Pilaris

Keratosis Pilaris (KP) appears like chicken skin. They are sometimes incorrectly identified as acne. The truth is, sad to say there is no remedy for KP yet.

•    The acid form of vitamin A can aid in KP’s improvement. Acne is treated with the same type of cream. Tretinoin makes skin regenerate in a rapid way, thus, extra keratin won’t be produced on the skin.  There will be less chances of acquiring KP if hair follicles would not get clogged.

•    Keratinization can be decelerated by a retinoid called Adapelene. It also strips off dead skin cells.

Treatments for Seborrheic Keratosis

Seborrheic keratosis (SK) resembles actinic keratosis, but in this case, this type of keratosis is greasy. Actually, they are harmless but they can make someone feel ugly. To get rid of this, the procedures are mentioned below.

•    Cryotherapy can be effective on thinner cases of SK.

•    Curettage is a method that uses a medical device called the curette. The doctor would scratch the SK and sometimes this method is used along with cryotherapy.

•    If you want to be sure of efficiency try laser surgery.

•    Another manner of SK treatment is electrocautery, which is also combined with curettage.

Go and feel free to ask your doctor what kind of treatment is most suitable what type of treatment is suited for you.

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