What Is The Connection Between Actinic Keratosis & Non Melanoma Skin Cancer?

It is believed generally that more than 8 million people suffer from actinic keratosis in the United States alone every year. Cutaneous lesions which arise from excessive damage caused by the sun can be the  primary symptoms of  actinic keratosis development on the skin. The connection between actinic keratosis and non melanoma skin cancer is that actinic keratosis comes first and it can be described as a precursor to non melanoma skin cancer. The study of the similarities as well as the differences between actinic keratosis and non melanoma skin conditions has lead to a better understanding of treating these two infections.

The fact that AK’s develop as a result of some development on keratinocytes make it similar to squamous cell carcinoma. This correlation make some researchers suspect that the increase in the development of actinic keratosis on the skin might probably be due to squamous cell carcinoma growth,  and considering the fact that the average growth of both actinic keratoses and melanoma skin cancer over a period of 10 years as been put between 6-10%, one can actually say that both actinic keratosis and non melanoma skin cancer can be dealt with in the same way.

The rate of progression of actinic keratosis has been found out to be less than what was observed for basal cell carcinoma, however it has also been noticed that both squamous cell carcinoma and basal cell carcinoma often occur on areas of the body where actinic keratosis are growing. Since keratosis actinic as well as non melanoma skin cancer can develop over the years through consistent exposure to sunlight, it cab be adduce that one can actually trigger or lead to the other.

Actinic keratosis can be describe as a precursor to the other because it may progress to a non melanoma skin disorder. It should be noted that the severity of actinic keratosis does not necessarily means it will develop into a non melanoma skin cancer. Some actinic keratosis will not develop into skin cancer and such could be stopped on reasonable time. Those that will develop into a non melanoma skin cancer can be life threatening especially when not diagnosed on time. Most treatments offered for actinic keratosis are offered in order to stop its progression into non melanoma skin cancer. It is ideal to take up proper diagnosis before concluding whether the infection in actinic keratosis or skin cancer.

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